Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Foss Undergoes Major Reorganization

Foss Marine Holdings announced July 2 that it is merging all of its operations and resources – including Foss Maritime, AMNAV, Young Brothers, Hawaiian Tug & Barge and Cook Inlet Tug & Barge – under a single name: Foss Maritime Co.

“The Foss name is the oldest and most globally recognized name within our family of companies,” unified Foss Maritime President & CEO Paul Stevens said. “It celebrates a rich maritime tradition that includes century-long service and a record of safety, innovation and quality for our customers.”

The move to consolidate all subsidiaries under Foss Maritime Co. Stevens said, signals a move to a simplified operating structure that reduces layers of management and streamlines decision-making.

Under the new structure, Foss Maritime is reorganizing into four divisions. They are:

Marine Transportation Services, headed by former Chief Operating Officer Gary Faber. This division includes the company’s ocean towing and global services including project cargo and logistics.

Technical & Engineering Services. Also headed by Faber, this division includes marine engineering and naval architecture as well as the company’s shipyard operations in Rainier, Ore. and Seattle, Wash.

Harbor Services, headed by Scott Merritt. This division consists of all harbor services such as ship assist and tanker escort activities provided by the company.

Liner Barge Services. Headed by Glenn Hong, this division includes the services of Young Brothers, an intra-island freight and transportation company based in Honolulu.

The new structure’s aim, the company says, is to enhance Foss’ competitive position in a quickly changing market place, improve overall efficiencies and more closely align the company with customer requirements.

“For the vast majority of Foss employees, the reorganization is simply business as usual,” Stevens said.

Stevens also characterized the decision to unify Foss’ operations under a single name as an opportunity to consolidate assets and better focus resources.

“The unification is the next step to enable Foss to focus on new and growing markets, including potential business opportunities in Alaska, where oil and gas activity is gaining strength,” he said.