Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Date Set for 2013 Ferries Conference

A date of Sept. 25 has been set for the 2013 Philips Publishing Group Ferries Conference in Seattle.

The Ferries Conference brings together public transit agencies, port districts, municipalities and other ferry system users, with the operators, architects, engineers and shipyards providing the boats and expertise needed for successful ferry operations.

During the conference, attendees hear from public funding sources, consultants and public and private operators, with the aim being to help introduce, fund and operate ferry systems around the country.

This year’s program is expected to focus on three topics: where ferries might reasonably provide solutions to commuter and community transportation needs; how public transit agencies, municipalities and other parties can determine vessel types, scheduling and pricing; and how to integrate ferry systems into the community by engaging the customer base.

Twenty speakers are planned for the event, including Washington State Congressman Rick Larsen; Capt. George Capacci of the Washington State Dept. of Transportation’s ferries division; and Passenger Vessel Association legislative director Ed Welch.

Attendees are expected to come from three distinct groups:

·         The client -- public transit agencies, municipalities and port districts and private sector interests

·         The vendor -- ferry and passenger vessel operators, naval architects and engineers, boat builders and equipment manufacturers.

·         Funding sources -- federal, state and regional legislative and administrative agencies.

For more information, contact Bill Forslund via email at bill@philipspublishing.com or by phone at (206) 284-8285.