Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Los Angeles Port Taps New Environmental Chief

The Port of Los Angeles has named Christopher Cannon as its new Director of Environmental Management.

Cannon, a more than 20-year veteran of the environmental services industry, has worked at the Port for several years as a consultant--most recently helping to manage the implementation and daily operation of the port's Clean Truck Program. Cannon fills the position vacated by Ralph Appy, who retired earlier this year.

In his new role, Cannon will oversee the Environmental Management Division, which assesses environmental impacts of port development projects and determines appropriate mitigation measures. The division also prepares and distributes any environmental documentation mandated by state and federal law; special studies involving dredging, noise abatement, water quality and air quality; contamination characterizations; wildlife management; and establishment of policies regarding environmental quality issues.

Prior to consulting on the port's truck program, Cannon worked with the port's Environmental Management Division’s Air Quality and CEQA groups, supporting the development of key air projects such as the Clean Air Action Plan and its efforts to complete critical environmental impact reports for port-related projects. Cannon previously served with ENVIRON International Corporation and TRC Environmental Solutions.