Monday, September 20, 2010

Seattle Creates Freight Advisory Board

The Seattle City Council's Transportation Committee has approved the creation of the Seattle Freight Advisory Board, which will be charged with advising city officials on land-based freight mobility issues.

Under the approved legislation creating the new advisory board, the 12-members of the SFAB will have the authority to provide input on city policies, plans and projects as they may relate to freight capacity, safety, access and mobility throughout Seattle, with a particular focus on the city's industrial lands, and the businesses they support.

The SFAB will also produce an annual report to City Hall detailing the board's work and any achievements accomplished during the past year.

The SFAB will be composed of six members appointed by the mayor, five appointed by the city council and one appointed by the port. All appointees but the port's will serve two-year terms and must be confirmed by the city council. The port appointee will not face city council confirmation or a term limit.