Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lynden Continues to Operate Amid COVID-19

By Karen Robes Meeks

Employees throughout Lynden’s family of companies continue to move vital goods to customers amid the COVID-19 development.

Chairman Jim Jansen said in a release Friday that Lynden is committed to delivering essential supplies and services to customers and communities.

"The safety of our people and serving our customers are our priorities during these challenging times,” he said. “We've been keeping freight moving to Alaska since 1954, and we're not planning to stop now."

The company’s barges, trucks and planes bound for Alaska have been keeping the supply line going without disruption since late February as the health crisis began to unfold.

"Our customers need our support to keep their businesses operating during this time and we are also supporting state and federal agencies,” said Lynden President Jon Burdick. “Keeping delivery routes open and supplies moving is our main focus and goal. We have dealt with earthquakes, oil spills, floods and other obstacles. This situation is no different."