Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Everett South Terminal Reaches Milestone

By Karen Robes Meeks

The final steel pile to support a strengthened South Terminal was installed at the end of February, marking a significant step in the Port of Everett’s Seaport Modernization program.

Since last summer, 343 piles have been set into the sea floor to strengthen the dock and make it ready to accommodate the next generation of over-dimensional cargo, including aerospace parts for the new 777X.

The South Terminal facility is a major component of the port’s modernization program.

First constructed in 1970s to support logging operations it couldn’t accommodate the minimum 1,000 pounds per square foot requirement for cargo operations. Phase 2 of the project was designed to bolster the remaining 560-feet of the 700-foot South Terminal dock structure and update the wharf’s electrical capabilities.

When completed, the dock will be able to support two, 100-foot gauge rail-mounted container cranes and provide the ability to plug in while at dock.

The $36 million project will be finalized by December 2019.