Friday, March 8, 2019

Cranes Arrive at Tacoma

By Karen Robes Meeks

This week, the Port of Tacoma welcomed a massive ship carrying four super-post-Panamax container cranes bound for Husky Terminal located at the northwest end of the Blair Waterway.

The Zhen Hua 31, a 771-foot-long heavy-lift ship, carried the Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. Ltd cranes, ordered by the Northwest Seaport Alliance, from China.

These new cranes – capable of working two 18,000-TEU container ships simultaneously – will possess an outreach of 24 containers and a lift height of 165 feet above the pier deck, according to the NWSA.

They will be installed at Husky Terminal, which recently completed an estimated $250 million in terminal improvements on Tacoma’s General Central Peninsula, including the strengthening and realigning of a berth and the addition of eight new super-post-Panamax cranes.