Friday, September 22, 2017

Awards for LA Port Information Portal Project

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Los Angeles has garnered a pair of technology awards for its Port Information Portal Project, a pilot program run in partnership with GE Transportation, to digitize the movement of goods for efficiency.

The City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency honored the port with the “2017 Outstanding IT Project Award,” while the American Association of Port Authorities will bestow its “Information Technology Award” on October 4.

“We greatly appreciate the Port’s confidence in our digital technology, and for championing such an important innovation with so much potential for the broader supply chain ecosystem,” said Jamie Miller, president and CEO at GE Transportation. “As we continue to improve the solution based on the feedback we’ve heard from the pilot participants, we’re especially honored to be recognized by both the City of Los Angeles and the maritime industry for our involvement and commitment to this successful public-private partnership.”

The program, which began last November, will spread to all container terminals and shipping lines in Los Angeles in the months ahead. Encouraged by the program’s success, the port and GE Transportation agreed to $12 million in new commercial agreements to expand the program to the rest of the port over the next five years.

“For the first time, we have we been able to provide supply chain partners with timely access to cargo and shipping information from a single interface,” said port Executive Director Gene Seroka. “As we expand this project throughout the port, we’re optimistic that we’ll see significant efficiency gains throughout our supply chain operations.”