Tuesday, July 19, 2016

POLA Freight Advisory Committee Named

By Mark Edward Nero

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced July 12 that he has appointed a new advisory board to help reduce carbon emissions and guide growth at the Port of Los Angeles.

The 10-member Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee, made up of environmental, labor, government and community leaders, is expected to work to advance sustainable policy and expand the use of zero-emission technology at the port. The committee members will work with the port to explore sustainability efforts throughout the harbor in the coming months.

The members of the committee include:

FuturePorts Executive Director Elizabeth Warren; Peter Peyton, former president of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union Marine Clerks Association of LA and Long Beach; Pacific Merchant Shipping Association Vice President Michelle Grubbs; California Air Resources Board Assistant Division Chief Cynthia Marvin; Earthjustice staff attorney Adrian Martinez; James Jack, executive director, Coalition for Responsible Transportation; Joe Lyou, President & CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air and appointee to the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s governing board; Matt Miyasato, deputy executive director of the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Technology Advancement Office; and Jonathan Rosenthal, co-portfolio manager, Saybrook Capital.

“The Port of Los Angeles is the beating heart of our economy – it should also be a model for how we can balance growth with environmental stewardship,” Garcetti said. The Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee will guide the investments we’re making to green our port and help us cut our emissions to zero.”