Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jensen, Vigor Unveiling New Trawler Design

By Mark Edward Nero

Jensen Maritime and Vigor Industrial are expected to unveil the design for a new 352-foot catcher processor/factory trawler Nov. 19 at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle.

The device is the product of collaboration between design architect Jensen, shipbuilder Vigor and three major fishing customers. The companies say the trawler is scalable and can be adapted to meet the needs of fleets in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

The vessel has over 13,000 square feet of processing space and can be set up for a variety of processing needs, from surimi to fillets to fish meal. Hold volume is split between a frozen product hold and a pair of fish meal holds, for a total hold capacity of over 109,000 cubic feet. The vessel also holds 51,500 gallons of fish oil in dedicated tanks. Jensen and Vigor saw the trawler’s propulsion is configured around two ABB Azipod thrusters with 360 degree azimuthing and reversible prop rotation, providing maneuverability to stay on the fish.

Other propulsion options, such as conventional twin screw diesel-electric, are also available, the companies say. The trawl arena is enclosed below a weather deck, providing fully lighted protection for the crew, eliminating iced surfaces, and minimizing product contamination.

Accommodations are provided for a total crew of 155, and the mess area provides seating for 94. Six person staterooms are provided for a majority of the crew. All accommodations are provided on the deck above the processing space to allow separation of living and working spaces for containment of odors and noise.

“Partnership between the design architects, the shipbuilder and the customer ensures that we achieve the right balance between cost and function,” Vigor sales director Bryan Nichols said. “Vigor is proud to be working with local partner Jensen on this new fishing vessel design that will support the recapitalization of the fishing fleet here in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.”