Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Foss Vessels Recognized with Safety Awards

Eighty-one Foss tugs and manned barges were recognized by the Chamber of Shipping of America for commitment to safety and granted Jones F. Devlin Awards during the CSA’s Annual Safety Awards Luncheon in New Orleans on May 23.

Altogether, the Foss vessels achieved the equivalent of 463 years without a lost-time injury.

The Jones F. Devlin Safety Awards are given to self-propelled merchant vessels that have operated for two full years or more without a crewmember losing a full turn at watch because of an occupational injury.

“We’re proud of the men and women who work hard to earn Foss this prestigious recognition,” Foss Chief Executive Officer Paul Stevens said.

Three levels of achievement are recognized by CSA: a basic two-year award; a three-year award; and a four-year award. Of Foss’ 81-awarded vessels, 47 received a special award that is given annually to ships with five or more years of accident-free operation.

The Devlin award has publicly recognized the skills and dedication of the men and women who are responsible for those safe vessel operations for 55 years.

The Washington, D.C.-based Chamber represents 37 US-based companies that own, operate or charter oceangoing tankers, container ships and other merchant vessels engaged in both the domestic and international trades and other entities that maintain a commercial interest in the operation of such oceangoing vessels.

Seventy-three Crowley Maritime Corp. vessels received Devlin awards during the same luncheon.

“This year, we gave awards to 1,438 vessels that operated 8,394 years without a lost-time incident,” CSA President Joseph J. Cox said. “This extraordinary record is directly attributable to the professionalism of our seafarers and the dedication of shore-based company personnel to safe operation.”