Friday, May 31, 2013

Crowley Vessels Receive Safety Awards

Seventy-three Crowley Maritime Corp. vessels received Jones F. Devlin Awards for their commitment to operational safety from the Chamber of Shipping of America at the Annual Safety Awards Luncheon May 23, 2013 in New Orleans.

Each year, the Chamber grants certificates to manned merchant vessels that have operated for two or more years without incurring a Lost Time Injury (LTI). By 2012, Crowley vessels had collectively logged more than 400 years of safe operations by Devlin Award standards.

Crowley’s Valdez Star, the company’s longest standing award winner, has operated for 22 years without an LTI.

“It’s very gratifying for our crews to be honored for their safety accomplishments,” Crowley Vice President of Ship Management Mike Golonka said.

The Washington, DC-based Chamber represents 37 US-based companies that own, operate or charter oceangoing tankers, container ships, and other merchant vessels engaged in both the domestic and international trades and other entities that maintain a commercial interest in the operation of such oceangoing vessels.

This year’s Safety Awards Luncheon marks the 55th year the Chamber has granted the Jones F. Devlin Awards.