Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FMC Issues Alert Regarding Ocean Transport Intermediary

The Federal Maritime Commission on May 24 issued a warning regarding an unlicensed ocean transportation intermediary company that has been operating in the US under the names Tam Tam Inc. and T-Square Inc.

The FMC says consumers have reported paying these companies to ship automobiles and personal effects, but that Tam Tam and T-Square failed to pay others in the transportation chain, resulting in consumers making additional payments in order to receive their goods.

Customers also reported they were unable to contact Tam Tam and T-Square after problems occurred with their shipments.

The FMC says consumers can protect themselves by taking the following steps when hiring a company to ship goods overseas:

Make sure that a company selected is on the Commission’s list of FMC-licensed and bonded ocean transport intermediaries; and ensure that the company name and contact information provided on the company’s website matches the information on the Commission’s list of licensed and bonded intermediaries.

Also, the FMC says, when companies claim to be agents for FMC-licensed and bonded companies, make sure that all shipping paperwork references an FMC-licensed and bonded company that is providing your ocean transportation.

Anyone with questions regarding the licensing status of a potential company that they’re considering to help with an international move can call or email the Commission’s Office of Transportation Intermediaries at (202) 523-5843 or oti@fmc.gov.

People who arranged for international shipment of vehicles or personal items with either Tam Tam, Inc. or T-Square, Inc. and experienced shipment problems are advised to contact the Commission’s Office of Consumer Affairs & Dispute Resolution Services (CADRS) by phone at (202) 523-5807 or by email at complaints@fmc.gov.