Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Los Angeles Port Offers Tariff Cuts for Imported "Green" Cars

The Port of Los Angeles will be the world's first major port to offer a reduced tariff for imported zero-emission vehicles, under a plan approved last week by the port's governing board.

The plan, if approved by Los Angeles City Council, will offer zero-emission automakers moving their goods through the Los Angeles port a 15 percent tariff reduction.

While applying to all automakers, the move is targeted at Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Company Limited. Los Angeles City Hall has been trying to persuade the electric and hybrid automaker to use the Port of Los Angeles as its primary United States shipping gateway. In May, BYD announced that it would locate its North American headquarters in Los Angeles.

The work with BYD is part of a City Hall effort to remake Los Angeles as the "electric car capitol" of the US.

According to port officials, the “Zero Emission Vehicle Tariff Measure” is the first of its kind in the maritime industry and is available to any automobile manufacturer who imports through the Port of Los Angeles. The 15 percent tariff reduction takes effect upon approval by the Los Angeles City Council.