Thursday, October 7, 2010

Los Angeles Port Begin Collecting $2,500 Truck Firm Fee

The Port of Los Angeles has begun charging a one-time $2,500 fee to each trucking firm wishing to do business within the port.

The fee is part of an access-licensing component of the port's so called "Clean Truck Plan."

In April 2009, at the request of the American Trucking Associations, a federal judge enjoined most of the components of the access-licensing scheme.

After a trial earlier this year, the same judge ruled Sept. 10 that the scheme could proceed and lifted the injunction. The ruling, which covers the access license scheme and other portions of the truck plan, is currently being appealed by the ATA to the California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Under the regulations imposed by the port under the truck plan, the more than 900 trucking firms servicing the port must have a signed access license agreement with the port and meet all of the port criteria contained within it. These port-defined criteria include such requirements as details of the truck firm's financial capabilities, use of employee drivers according to a port phase-in schedule, a detailed off-street parking plan and truck maintenance plans.

The $2,500 fee is in addition to an annual $100 per truck fee that the port began collecting in February.