Thursday, April 15, 2010

Start-Up Transpac Carrier Readies for Debut

Ocean carrier start-up The Containership Company continues to dot its ‘I’s and cross its ‘t’s as it prepares to begin express transpacific service next month between China and the Port of Los Angeles.

The firm said Tuesday it has chartered the fifth and final vessel required to begin its new weekly Great Dragon Service, set to run between the Taicang International Gateway in China and the Los Angeles port's TraPac terminal. The latest vessel, the 2,800 TEU container vessel E.R. Darwin, will be renamed the Suzhou Dragon for service under the TCC banner.

The Great Dragon service is schedule to start April 17, with an eastbound rotation starting in Taicang and arriving at Los Angeles on May 3.

TCC has promoted the port-to-port service as a new shipping industry model akin to that used by budget airlines like JetBlue.

The Taicang complex, owned by Modern Terminals Ltd., is located in the major Chinese manufacturing province of Jiangsu.