Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sector Seattle Commander Temporarily Relieved of Command

Rear Adm. Gary T. Blore, Commander, Thirteenth Coast Guard District, has temporarily relieved Capt. Suzanne E. Englebert of her duties as commander of Coast Guard Sector Seattle, citing a loss of confidence in the officer’s ability to command.

“The decision to relieve a commanding officer is never easy and is taken very seriously," said Blore. "Due to an unacceptable command climate this commander no longer had my confidence to command an effective unit. I firmly believe this decision was made in the best interest of the unit and the Service.”

Pending a final determination by the Commandant of the Coast Guard in Washington, D.C., Capt. Scott Bornemann has been temporarily assigned to command Sector Seattle. The Sector is conducting normal operations.

Sector Seattle oversees the comprehensive maritime safety, security and marine environmental response operations throughout the Sector’s vast 3,500 square mile area of responsibility. Sector Seattle faces many challenges posed by the complexity of the Puget Sound area including numerous high risk, as well as economically and nationally significant maritime operations, including the nation’s largest ferry system, the third largest container port, 1.3 million recreational boaters, over 200 cruise ship arrivals annually, over 5,000 deep draft vessel transits annually, home to the Alaskan fishing fleet, the third largest strategic naval port and 15 billion gallons of oil products moved annually.