Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CKYH Alliance to go Green

Ocean carrier members of the CKYH Alliance announced Monday that the group plans to rebrand itself as "CKYH - the Green Alliance," as the group continues to focus on reducing its collective environmental footprint.

The announcement was one of several key decisions coming out of the alliance members' 2010 Summit Meeting held last week in Zhenjiang, China.

At the summit, alliance members COSCO, "K" LINE, Yang Ming, and Hanjin Shipping also decided that all members will take "positive action to take full advantage of regional transship hubs," focus on building up extensive feeder networks, extend cooperation to the north/south trades and new emerging markets, and widen the scope of cooperation to "other sections of the transport chain by optimizing the alliance’s resources such as terminals, chassis, intermodal facilities and equipment," according to an alliance statement.

According to vessel and route tracking service ComPair Data, CKYH operates 17 transpacific routes, including 12 to the US West Coast and five to the US East Coast. ComPair Data also lists eight CKYH Asia-Europe routes and one transatlantic service.