Friday, June 18, 2021

California Gov. Signs Order Temporarily Exempting Ships from Plugging in to Shore Power

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed an emergency proclamation that involves shoreside power at ports in order to free up additional energy capacity amid extreme temperatures across the state.

The proclamation, which was signed June 17, orders that container ships that are able to disconnect from shore power at port terminals may do so without penalty, and are in fact encouraged to do so. The proclamation is intended to help to alleviate the heat-induced demands on the state's energy grid.

Under the order, cargo vessels arriving to port prior to 11:59 pm on Sat., June 19 should remain running on auxiliary ship engines and not plug in to shore power for the duration of the energy emergency. Vessels can remain disconnected through 11:59 pm on Tues., June 22, after which they must resume use of shore power if their stay in port exceeds the duration of the emergency event.

Under this proclamation, vessels that would otherwise be required to plug-in to shore power should not be penalized by the California Air Resources Board, as all calls during this period should be treated as compliant and included in the fleet averaging baseline under the At Berth Regulation.

The governor’s state of emergency proclamation can be read online here.