Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Port of Los Angeles Seeking Partners for Historic Project

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Los Angeles is looking for developers interested in redeveloping Municipal Warehouse No. 1, a historic six-story, 460,000-square-foot building at Berth 60 in the Outer Harbor at the southern part of the Main Channel.

While the port is expected to release a Request for Information and Request for Proposals later this year, its Waterfront Commercial Development Group has put out a prospectus on the opportunity, which is available at https://kentico.lawaterfront.org/getmedia/dbaa7f39-ff8f-43c6-b2ea-2d84b3785d27/warehouse-one-handout-final.

“Commercial interest in the LA Waterfront continues to build, and a redevelopment opportunity like historic Warehouse No. 1 doesn’t come up very often,” said Michael Galvin, the port’s Director of Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate. “Because of its unique location, character and stunning waterfront views, we believe there is tremendous commercial upside for this property, limited only by the imagination of the development partner that we select.”

Interested developers may contact Michael Galvin at 310-732-3836 or mgalvin@portla.org.