Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Seattle Adopts Sustainable Work Plan

By Karen Robes Meeks

In a newly adopted work plan for the Energy and Sustainability Committee, the Port of Seattle zeroed in on five areas for improving environmental and community health in Puget Sound and fighting climate change. Port Commissioners Fred Felleman and Ryan Calkins co-chair the committee.

The maritime specific focus mandates include:

1. Developing a Sustainable Project Framework Resolution that would help the commission look at sustainable alternatives when the design and build capital projects are being sought;

2. Creating a Waterfront Clean Energy Strategic Plan;

3. Establishing the Maritime Blue Maritime Inspiration Awards to recognize companies and organizations in Washington; and

4. Incorporating Environmental Stewardship into the New Cruise Terminal.

“This new Committee Charter continues the Commission’s priority goal to be the greenest, most energy efficient Port in North America,” said Felleman. “The Charter remains primarily focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and community impacts by improving the port’s own operational practices and partnering with other agencies, airlines, and maritime industries.”