Tuesday, January 29, 2019

TraPac Completes Oakland Expansion

By Karen Robes Meeks

On Thursday, TraPac marine terminal completed a two-year, $67 million project to boost the capacity of the Port of Oakland’s second-biggest terminal with the opening of its newest vessel berth.

The project expanded the terminal from 66 to 123 acres, added three more ship-to-shore cranes and features a third 1,400-foot-long dock to accommodate megaships.

“We are grateful to dockworkers, truckers, carriers, cargo owners and all of our stakeholders for working with us during this buildout,” said TraPac Operations Vice President Brian Bauer. “We forecast continued cargo growth in Oakland and we are ready for it.”

About 15 percent of the containers that come through Oakland are handled by TraPac, which inked a 14-year lease with the port in 2016.That cargo includes refrigerated containers bound for Japan, so TraPac boosted plug-in spaces from 388 to 860 to store refrigerated boxes during the expansion, the company said.

TraPac also opened a new gate complex for harbor truckers and acquired nine pieces of cargo-handling equipment.