Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hueneme Strengthens Guatemalan Trade Agreement

By Karen Robes Meeks

Following its first trade mission to Guatemala, the Port of Hueneme announced this month the signing of a major sister port agreement with Puerto Quetzal, the leading Guatemalan seaport. The agreement – a pledge for the two ports to work together to bolster their trade relationship and share best practices – further strengthens the port’s relationship with Guatemala, Hueneme’s top trading partner by volume with more than 345,886 US cargo tons traded annually.

“Guatemala is one of our top trading partners, with millions of bananas being imported from the country’s farms to our port each year,” said CEO and Port Director Kristin Decas. “Establishing a sister port relationship with the Port of Quetzal is the next step in opening doors of trade, sharing best practices in logistics and environmental sustainability, and building upon our relationship for the betterment of our port communities.”

On the trip, port officials explored ways to boost its trade and partnerships with Chiquita, Del Monte, One Banana Company and other customers who operate in Guatemala. The port also promoted Hueneme to exporters and shipper associations there “as a port of choice for new business supporting Ventura County’s agricultural and general cargo exports along with Guatemala mango, coffee, and agricultural imports.”

“It was great to visit our partners in Guatemala and to be able to better understand their operations and discuss opportunities to grow together,” said Dona Toteva Lacayo, the Port’s Chief Commercial and Public Affairs Officer. “As we export a variety of US West Coast grown fruit to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala’s strong agricultural and manufacturing sectors are also very well positioned to play a pivotal role in the continued expansion of trade with Port of Hueneme’s customers for many years to come.”