Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Port of Seattle’s Five-Year Plan

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Seattle Commission’s new 2019 budget and five-year capital investment plan call for $348 million in investment “to maximize the economic and environmental vitality of Seattle’s working waterfront in the face of significant industry changes,” the port stated in a press release.

“This forward-looking budget and five-year plan directly respond to our region’s travel, trade, and logistics needs. We prioritized efficient facilities, environmental investments, and resources to strengthen customer service and community engagement,” said Executive Director Stephen Metruck, who began leading the port in February.

The 2019-2023 plan looks at more than 20 significant maritime and economic development projects to maintain port assets, advance maritime industries, and invest in communities and the environment. Project highlights include:

• $100 million for a new cruise berth;

• $39 million to develop the Terminal 91 uplands;

• $35 million to replace a berth at Terminal 91;

• $30 million toward electrifying the waterfront,

• $23 million for the Fishermen’s Terminal Gateway Building and

• $17 million toward a Terminal 117 habitat restoration program

Through the Northwest Seaport Alliance, the port will spend $340 million to renovate Terminal 5 to better accommodate mega container vessels.

“Our aviation and maritime industries are among this region’s most recognizable and reliable sources of opportunity,” said Port of Seattle Commission President Courtney Gregoire. “This budget and five-year blueprint advances our region’s status as a premier global gateway and makes transformative infrastructure and environmental investments to attract future opportunities consistent with our region’s values.”