Friday, March 2, 2018

Electric Trucks for Oakland

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Oakland this month saw its first battery-powered truck come through its doors with the introduction of trucking operator GSC Logistics’ 10-ton rig, kicking off a three-year trial to demonstrate “the feasibility of zero-emission freight hauling,” according to the port.

The new truck, which is being used to move containers between its depot and Oakland marine terminals, will only be used for short hauls, according to GSC Logistics, adding that the 100-mile battery range is unsuitable for long-haul drayage.

“We’re making four-to-five runs a day within the Port’s perimeter and so far, the truck’s performing well,” said GSC Logistics CEO Scott Taylor. “Our next step will be to get it out on the road.”

If the $250,000 big rig is effective, GSC Logistics could buy up to three more electric trucks.

“We’ll be following this experiment closely,” said Richard Sinkoff, the port’s director of environmental programs and planning. “If battery-powered vehicles can do the job efficiently and affordably, they can help change the way we do business.”