Tuesday, February 27, 2018

San Francisco Seawall Fix

By Karen Robes Meeks

Voters would support funding improvements to San Francisco’s seawall, according to a recent survey of voters.

About 73 percent of voters surveyed between January 11 and 21 would cast a “yes” vote on a proposed $500 million bond measure to upgrade the more than century-old three-mile-long seawall, which is vulnerable to earthquake and flooding.

“The Embarcadero Seawall is vital to our transportation networks – nearly a million people arrive daily via ferries and BART and Muni – and that means we need to act quickly,” said Kimberly Brandon, president of the San Francisco Port Commission.

The Embarcadero Roadway, the Downtown Ferry Terminal and the City Auxiliary Water Supply System are key parts of San Francisco’s emergency response network, said Mayor Mark Farrell. “Ensuring the seismic safety of the Seawall supports disaster response across all corners of the city – and voters understand this,” he added.

Port officials have been gauging public interest for the bond measure, which is being considered for this November’s ballot.