Tuesday, January 23, 2018

San Diego Debris Removal Project

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of San Diego will soon be ground zero for a pilot program aiming to remove marine debris from San Diego Bay. The port has inked an agreement with Zephyr Debris Removal LLC for the one-year demonstration project.

Under the deal, Zephyr will use a custom-made vessel equipped with skimming technology. The port will offer $100,000 and the use of port-owned property to allow Zephyr to dock its boat and unload debris in exchange for a five percent share of the company’s revenue related to the technology, equipment and other considerations, according to the port.

“Zephyr’s project is a great way to kick off the year and fits my 2018 theme, ‘Ocean Optimism,’ which is the belief that we should be incredibly optimistic about the potential of the ocean economy, the Blue Economy, to be our greatest source of opportunity,” said Chairman Rafael Castellanos, Board of Port Commissioners. “Through our Blue Economy Incubator, projects like this support our position as a catalyst of our water-dependent economy while also ensuring San Diego Bay remains a vibrant resource for visitors and residents for generations to come.”