Friday, January 26, 2018

New San Diego Commission Chair

By Karen Robes Meeks

San Diego resident Rafael Castellanos is the new chairman of the Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners for the year.

Castellanos, who was sworn in earlier this month, replaces Robert “Dukie” Valderrama. He said his theme for 2018 is "Ocean Optimism."

“The San Diego region is known for its innovation, but much of its success has been directed eastward, away from the ocean,” Castellanos said. “The 21st century is also about looking west, at the swelling importance of the Blue Economy. We must catch that wave, lifting up all boats on a rising tide of innovation, investment and optimism. If we’re successful, then just like the Santa Clara Valley came to be known as the Silicon Valley, perhaps one day the San Diego Bay will come to be known as the Blue Technology Bay.”

Coronado resident Garry J. Bonelli was sworn in as vice chair, while Chula Vista resident Ann Moore became board secretary.