Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Low Emissions Testing at Port of Los Angeles

By Karen Robes Meeks

More demonstration projects to test zero and near-zero emission trucks and equipment for moving cargo will be happening at the Port of Los Angeles, thanks to recommendations made by the Sustainability Freight Advisory Committee. The port is planning to:

• Evaluate zero emission top handlers, including two battery-electric ones, the off-road heavy-duty equipment needed to load and unload trucks moving containers to and from marine terminals and three next-generation yard tractors, which is made possible with a $4.5 million California Energy Commission grant;

• Broaden zero emission drayage truck testing with a pilot program to assess 50 to 100 zero emission drayage trucks to see what needs to be done to create a 100 percent zero emission fleet by 2035; and

• Team the port industry with equipment manufacturers to examine present and future availability of zero and near-zero emission vehicles and equipment.

“This moment demands that we find innovative ways to reduce emissions at our port as quickly as possible – and that’s exactly why I brought the Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee together,” Garcetti said. “This group has embraced a difficult challenge with open arms, and its recommendations are important steps that bring us closer to our ambitious yet achievable goal of zero emissions at the Port of LA.”

“The committee’s work is already shaping policy and strengthening current zero emission demonstration projects at Los Angeles terminals,” said Port Executive Director Gene Seroka.