Thursday, February 2, 2017

POLA Launches Video Spotlight Series

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Los Angeles is spotlighting some of its stakeholders, from community members to small businesses to major corporations, in a new video series it calls “1 in 9.”

The video shorts give a glimpse into the reach and impact of the San Pedro Bay port complex, with each episode showcasing the profession of one individual in a particular geographical area, and his or her connection to the port.

The premiere featured an interview with Jane Skeeter, Founder, President and CEO of UltraGlas, an architectural designer and manufacturer of specialty glass in Chatsworth, Calif.

The video series, the port has said, is an effort to raise awareness about how regional jobs and businesses are connected to trade through San Pedro Bay. The name “1 in 9” is a play on the statistic that one in nine jobs in the greater Los Angeles region is connected to the San Pedro Bay port complex.

The 1 in 9 series highlights the different careers and industries supported by trade through the port and surrounding five-county region.

“The San Pedro Bay port complex is a job and business generator for the entire Southern California region,” Port of LA Executive Director Gene Seroka said. “This series gives viewers a better idea about the scope of employment and the impact the port has well beyond Los Angeles.”

The series, which was created and produced by the port’s in-house communications team, is designed for the web and social media, and is also expected to air on area television stations, with new episodes added monthly.

In addition to the port’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, “1 in 9” episodes are also available on the port’s website at