Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hanjin Ship Docks at Vancouver After Weeks in Limbo

By Mark Edward Nero

Hanjin Scarlet, a containership that had been anchored in legal limbo near the Port of Prince Rupert since its owner filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of August, has finally docked – but not at Prince Rupert.

The vessel reached shore at the Port of Vancouver in British Columbia on Oct. 27, Canadian news media outlets have reported.

Hanjin Scarlet is one of two Korean ships that had been stranded in Canadian waters for two months, the other ship being the Hanjin Vienna, which is currently anchored near Victoria, BC.

Roughly half of Scarlet's crew of about 25 will have to stay with the ship for some time to maintain it, but are expected to be paid for their time.

Prince Rupert Port Authority spokesman Michael Gurney told the CBC that the Scarlet would offload all its North American cargo at Vancouver. The vessel will not proceed to Seattle, as was originally planned, before returning across the Pacific.

Canadian federal court records show four pending legal cases against the Scarlet, brought by Singamas Petroleum, Prince Rupert Port Authority, Pacific Pilotage Authority Canada and terminal operator DP World Prince Rupert.

Proceedings in the suit brought by DP World show that the vessel remains under arrest, but that the court granted special leave to move the vessel to one specified location for unloading.

Hanjin, the world’s seventh largest container carrier, filed a receivership application with the Seoul, South Korea Central District Court on Aug. 31 seeking court receivership after losing the support of financial institutions that had been providing it credit.