Friday, July 8, 2016

Vigor Delivers Tug to Harley Marine

By Mark Edward Nero

Vigor Marine’s Seattle shipyard recently delivered the Dale R. Lindsey, a 95-foot by 38-foot by 16-foot, 3,000 horsepower ATB Twin Screw Tug to Seattle-based Harley Marine Services.

This is the eleventh vessel built by Vigor for Harley Marine, a long-time customer. Two 83,000 bbl., double-hull ATB tank barges, Fight ALS and Fight Fanconi Anemia, were recently completed at the Portland, Oregon shipyard.

“Repeat business is one of the best compliments a builder can receive,” Vigor Executive VP of Business Development Keith Whittemore said in a statement. “Even better is when the confidence of our customers extends into new areas. Vigor has worked hard to expand its capabilities and has steadily grown from a barge builder to a construction portfolio that includes ferries in Seattle, Alaska and San Francisco, fishing vessels, fireboats, tugs, high performance crafts and now an ATB tug.”

Designed by Elliot Bay Design Group for primary operation in Alaska, the ATB tug utilizes an Articouple FRM-43M coupler system to pair with the 20,000-barrel oil barge, Petro Mariner. It features a raised aluminum pilothouse for optimal visibility built by Kvichak Marine.

“We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Vigor, built on their ability to consistently deliver a quality product to serve the needs of our customers,” Harley Marine’s Harley Franco said. “Their knowledge of the unique construction needs of vessels operating in the demanding Alaskan environment will be an added benefit in helping us maintain our unswerving commitment to both safety and the environment in the communities we serve.”