Friday, April 15, 2016

Port Metro Vancouver Renamed

By Mark Edward Nero

Canada’s largest port has a new name. The title “Port Metro Vancouver” was dropped on April 6 and replaced by “Port of Vancouver.”

The name change, according to the port, is intended to strengthen the port’s recognition with stakeholders and customers as well as provide clarity and distinction between the activities of the port authority and those of the greater port community.

The port says that feedback and research indicated the use of “Port Metro Vancouver” to refer to the port and the federal port authority created confusion. Internationally, the port is already widely referenced as the Port of Vancouver.

However, there’s already another Port of Vancouver: the deepwater port in Vancouver, Washington. That facility however, refers to itself as the Port of Vancouver USA, in order to avoid confusion with its much larger neighbor, located about 300 miles to the north.

In addition to the port being renamed, the port’s governing body is implementing the consistent use of its legal name, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, when referencing its activities or decisions.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority was formed in 2008 when three regional port authorities – the Port of Vancouver, North Fraser Port Authority and Fraser River Port Authority -- were amalgamated.