Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Washington Companies Complete Ship Transaction

By Mark Edward Nero

 Family owned, Seattle-based shipping company Coastal Transportation has announced the delivery of its new vessel, the M/V Coastal Standard, which was built by Anacortes, Washington-based Dakota Creek Industries shipyard.

The Coastal Standard is the first brand-new, US-built/US-flagged vessel to enter the Western Alaska trade in more than 20 years, according to Coastal Transportation.

The ship entered service to Alaska on Feb. 17, replacing two 50-plus year-old vessels.

The Coastal Standard measures 242 feet long with a beam of 54 feet and a refrigerated cargo capacity of 120,000 cubic feet.

Vessel owner Coastal Transportation operates a fleet of cargo vessels sailing from Seattle to ports throughout Western Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, delivering cargo such as construction equipment and fishing supplies.

The vessel’s design, completed by NaviForm Consulting & Research of Vancouver, British Columbia, incorporates entirely enclosed cargo holds, which are accessed through a waterproof door in the hull’s port side. This prevents rain and snow from entering cargo areas, and increases cargo-handling efficiency.

Palletized cargo is loaded and offloaded by forklifts on an elevator that connects the upper and lower cargo areas as well as the main deck.

The molded hull, which was designed for fuel efficiency, incorporates a bulbous bow and a canoe stern, and is fitted with a high-efficiency rudder. The vessel is powered by a 3,084 horsepower C280-8 Tier 2 Caterpillar engine, which enables a service speed of 14 knots.

Delivery from Dakota Creek Industries to Coastal Transportation took place Feb. 5.