Tuesday, March 22, 2016

POLA Investing in Electric Crane Project

By Mark Edward Nero

The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners has authorized plans by metal recycling company SA Recycling to replace an older diesel mobile crane with a new crane that will transition to an all-electric mode when an electrification project is complete by next January.

Under the plan, the crane will initially be operated with a cleaner Tier 4 diesel engine. Then, after January 2017, it will run solely on electricity except for no more than 12 hours per year for standard maintenance.

When the newly installed Tier 4 engine replaces the existing 950-horsepower diesel-powered Tier 2 crane, it is expected to eliminate 74 tons of nitrogen oxides, three tons of particulate matter, three tons of hydrocarbons, and 14 tons of carbon monoxide emissions over the life of the equipment.

The new crane will be used at SA Recycling’s scrap metal recycling, processing and export operations at the Port of L.A. to load processed metals onto vessels to be shipped overseas.

The project is funded in part by a US Environmental Protection Agency $1.3 million Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grant to the port. The remaining cost of the $5 million crane replacement project is funded by SA Recycling, which will own, operate and maintain the crane.

The Port of L.A. was one of four US ports to receive a DERA grant last year. The grants are aimed at reducing diesel emissions and improving air quality, particularly for communities near port operations.