Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MARAD Announces Small Shipyard Grant Program

By Mark Edward Nero

The US Maritime Administration on Dec. 31 announced the 2016 funding availability for its Small Shipyard Grant Program.

There’s currently $4.9 million available for grants for capital and related improvements to shipyard facilities that will foster “efficiency, competitive operations, and quality ship construction, repair, and reconfiguration,” according to MARAD.

“Potential applicants are advised that it is expected, based on past experience, that the number of applications will far exceed the funds available and that only a small percentage of applications will be funded,” MARAD stated in its announcement.

It’s anticipated that between five and 10 applications will be selected for funding, with an average grant amount of about $1 million.

Grants under the program can’t be used to construct buildings or other physical facilities, or to acquire land unless such use is specifically approved by the Maritime Administration as being consistent with, and supplemental to, capital and related infrastructure improvements.

Grant funds can be used, however, for maritime training programs to build technical skills and operational productivity in communities where the economies are related to or dependent upon the maritime industry.

The period for submitting grant applications began in mid-December and the deadline for applications is Feb. 16. Grants are expected to be awarded by April 18.

Complete information about the grant program, including full submission requirements and the mailing address for grant applications, can be found in the MARAD funding notice: https://d3dkdvqff0zqx.cloudfront.net/groups/sca/attachments/small%20shipyard%20grants%20nofa%202016.pdf