Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oil Pumped from Shipwrecked Bulk Carrier

By Mark Edward Nero

About 150 cubic meters of oil have been pumped from the 731-foot bulk carrier vessel Los Llanitos, which ran aground along the Pacific Coast of Mexico during Hurricane Patricia in late October, according to a Mexican environmental protection agency.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) said the oil was pumped from the shipwreck over the weekend of Nov. 14-15.

Salvage work is focused on removing the entire 11,484 liters of oil, 489 cubic meters of diesel and other contaminants onboard the Mexican-flagged vessel.

It was Oct. 23 when the 22-year-old Los Llanitos dragged anchor and ran aground 25 nautical miles off Manzanillo, Mexico. A total of 27 crewmembers were onboard during the accident; 19 were rescued by helicopter, while the others initially remained to try salvaging the ship. All have since been evacuated.

The vessel, operated by Mexico City-based maritime services company Naviera Para Mineral, has been broken in half and is beyond repair, according to director general of the Mexican Merchant Marine.