Friday, November 20, 2015

Oakland in Talks for Logistics Complex

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Oakland has begun talks to develop the next phase of a 170-acre Seaport Logistics Complex. Port commissioners on Nov. 12 gave the go-ahead, authorizing exclusive negotiations between the port and industrial real estate developer CenterPoint Properties.

The port and developer were given six months to reach agreement on building a portion of the complex that would encompass 20 acres of port property and would feature transload and cross-dock facilities where importers could transfer containerized cargo from ships to trains.

CenterPoint, which is based near Chicago but has a regional office in Los Angeles, is a major developer of transportation-related real estate projects. Under the agreement with Oakland, it would build and lease the facilities to tenants involved in international logistics.

“We’re excited to realize our vision for the Seaport Logistics Complex,” said the port’s lead negotiator, Maritime Director John Driscoll.

The 20-acre facility would be built on land acquired by the port at a decommissioned army base, and would be adjacent to phase one of the Seaport Logistics Complex, a 13-track railyard that’s nearing completion.

Port officials said they're creating the largest logistics complex at any West Coast US port. In subsequent phases of development, the port plans to construct a regional distribution center and warehouses at the complex.