Thursday, August 21, 2014

Port of Astoria Selects New Executive Director

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Astoria Commission on Aug. 19 unanimously voted to hire a Port of Olympia executive as its next executive director.

Jim Knight, currently director of the Port of Olympia’s marine terminal, was chosen to replace Hank Bynaker, who resigned from the Port of Astoria in September 2013 after 14 months on the job. Bynaker had cited difficulties working with the Port Commission among his reasons for leaving.

Knight has directed Olympia’s marine terminal operations in Olympia since July 2013. He began working at the port in April 2006 as the marketing and business development manager. From 1994-2005, he was a senior executive with two different businesses outside the maritime industry.

Knight will become Astoria’s fifth executive director in the last two-and-a-half years. After Bynaker’s resignation, director of business development and operations Michael Weston served as the port’s interim executive director for 11 months. Before Bynaker, there was Jack Crider, who resigned effective April 30, 2012 after four years on the job and is now the CEO of the Port of Humboldt Bay. Also, former deputy director Herb Florer was interim director after Crider’s departure and before Bynaker’s hiring.

Weston is expected to continue as interim director until Knight comes aboard in October.
Knight is expected to earn between $130,000 and $196,000 annually in his new job.