Friday, May 30, 2014

Seattle Port Launches Truck Replacement Program

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Seattle and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency on May 27 launched the drayage truck scrapping and replacement program ScRAPS 2 (Seaport Truck Scrappage and Replacements for Air in Puget Sound).

The program’s goal is to help truckers calling on Port of Seattle terminals to have model-year 2007 or newer engines, or meet 2007 federal emissions standards, which are aimed at reducing air emissions from port-related activities.

The program, partially funded by federal and state grants, is expected to provide up to $20,000 to owners who scrap old drayage trucks and replace them with trucks with model-year 2007 or newer engines. The current level of funding is expected to provide incentives for about 180 trucks.

“We’re happy to report that truckers are successfully signing up for the program,” Stephanie Jones Stebbins, Seaport Environmental and Planning Director at the Port of Seattle, said. “The Port of Seattle put a lot of work into reaching out to the trucker community to ensure they understood the process and were able to apply.”

The project is expected to run through mid-2015 or until funds are depleted. The port also says it is investigating other financing and assistance programs to help truck owners meet the Clean Truck Program requirements.

“ScRAPS is a proven model of success in helping truck drivers upgrade to newer, less-polluting engines,” Andrew Green, Director of Air Quality Programs at the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, said, remarking that to date, scrappage rebate programs throughout the region have removed more than 400 dirty trucks from our roads.

More information on ScRAPS 2 is available at