Tuesday, March 11, 2014

POLA Names ‘Healthy Harbor’ Grant Recipients

By Mark Edward Nero

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission has approved nine “Healthy Harbor Grants” totaling $550,000 to help promote health care, health education, community outreach and access to respiratory care in the San Pedro and Wilmington harbor communities.

The grants, which were announced March 6, are funded from a community mitigation trust fund and administered through the port’s partnership with San Pedro-based Harbor Community Benefit Foundation (HCBF), an independent non-profit organization created to mitigate the environmental impacts of port operations.

The HCBF was created in 2011 as a result of a legal settlement in which the port agreed to establish a community mitigation trust fund to support efforts to grow and green the port, and to alleviate the effects of environmental and public health impacts of its business operations on the community. The trust fund’s administered by the HCBF.

In 2012 and 2013, $800,000 was awarded in the first two rounds of Healthy Harbor grants. The third round of Healthy Harbor Grants awarded $550,000 to nine community organizations serving San Pedro and Wilmington. They include:

$125,000 to St. Mary Medical Center to bring a high-tech mobile care clinic and specialized staff into Wilmington for a minimum of six hours of clinic operation, one day per week.

$90,000 to The Children’s Clinic to support for a program which provides diagnosis and treatment for children, the elderly, and pregnant women suffering from respiratory illness due to port-related pollution.

$80,000 to Breathe California of Los Angeles County, which promotes clean air and healthy lungs through research, education and technology.

$70,000 to the Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma.

$67,000 to Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

$46,000 to the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute. Grant funding will provide a health worker to disseminate education, enrollment services and resources to area residents suffering from respiratory illnesses.

$38,000 to Harbor Community Clinic, which provides no cost to low cost medical care to San Pedro patients who often have no other medical care access.

$22,000 to the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, which serves communities in need by providing preventative education and medical and humanistic aid.

$12,000 to Rainbow Services, which seeks to end the cycle of family violence. Grant funding will provide respiratory health education and access to respiratory related services for San Pedro residents.