Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Foss Building New Barge

By Mark Edward Nero

Foss Maritime is building a new ocean-going barge that is expected to give the company an additional asset to transport large modules both domestically and internationally.

Construction of a Jones Act-qualified, 360-foot long by 120-foot wide by 20-foot deep barge is expected to begin soon in the Portland, Oregon shipyard of Gunderson Marine, Foss said March 17.

“This barge will further connect us to the shallow draft regions of the Arctic,” Foss’ president of global services, Gary Faber, said. “It allows us to move modules and cargo, more safely, almost anywhere in the world; which adds tremendous value to our existing fleet.”

Foss says the barge will likely be towed from South Korea by the first of three Arctic-class tugs being constructed at the company’s Rainier, Oregon shipyard.

Delivery is expected in late 2014, and the vessel’s anticipated maiden voyage from South Korea to Alaska’s North Slope is planned to take place in early 2015, when the company performs a second sealift of oil and gas infrastructure to the North Slope’s Point Thomson.

“With increased activity on the North Slope we continue to add to our Alaska capabilities,” Faber said. “Along with our new Arctic-class tugs, this barge will add yet another valuable asset.”