Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Port of Stockton Biorefinery Awarded Expansion Funding

By Mark Edward Nero

Community Fuels, a biofuel producer operating a biorefinery at the Port of Stockton, has been awarded a nearly $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission to support the facility’s expansion.

“Our initial construction was completed in 2008, and it is gratifying to win this sizable grant to contribute to the next phase of expansion, which was contemplated from the early days of the business,” Community Fuels corporate controller William Crooks said.

The biorefinery was specifically designed to allow for multiple phases of expansion, according to Community Fuels co-founder and CEO Lisa Mortenson.

“This important grant will enable our team to expand our production capabilities to meet the anticipated demand for low carbon fuels,” Mortenson said.

Community Fuels’ Port of Stockton biorefinery is one of the largest continuously operating advanced biorefineries in the Western US. Its customers include major oil companies, petroleum refiners and some of the nation’s largest bulk fuel distributors.

Its renewable fuel is used as a lubricity additive for diesel fuel. It also reduces emissions relative to petroleum diesel.