Monday, December 30, 2013

Hawaiian Tug & Barge Adopts Foss Name, Colors

Hawaiian Tug & Barge, which provides harbor support services at Hawaii ports, has a new name: Foss Maritime Co.

Hawaiian Tug & Barge officially came under the Foss name Dec. 11 at a rebranding ceremony at Harbor View Center at Pier 38 in Honolulu. The traditional green and white Foss colors have already replaced the HTB colors on many company vessels.

“We’ve updated the name and brand of HTB, but beyond those changes almost everything else will continue on as business as usual in Hawaii,” Paul Stevens, CEO and president of Seattle-based Foss Maritime explained. “We won’t lose any people or vessels.”

Hawaiian Tug & Barge was founded by Young Brothers Ltd. as a sister company to separate harbor operations and charter activities from Young Brothers’ inter-island freight operations. The company has since become Hawaii’s leading tug and barge transportation company, operating four tugs with 20 employees.

Young Brothers and HTB joined the Foss Maritime group of companies in 1999. The newly branded tugs will fall into Foss Maritime’s Harbor Service division.

“Adopting the Foss name and colors gives us tremendous exposure across the world,” Young Brothers President Glenn Hong said, adding that the change strengthens the company and its ability to provide services by being part of a global brand with a well-established name and maritime tradition.

“We are looking forward to further growth in mid-Pacific well into the future,” Stevens said.