Friday, May 10, 2013

Deputy CEO Appointed at Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle executive Kurt Beckett was appointed to the previously vacant role of deputy chief executive officer on May 7 by CEO Tay Yoshitani.

Beckett’s primary responsibility is expected to be port infrastructure development and internal operations, according to the port, which would allow Yoshitani to focus on business development, attracting new shipping lines and air services to Seattle and advancing policy issues central to the port’s competitiveness.

Beckett, who has served as Yoshitani’s chief of staff since 2010, is also expected to direct the port’s public affairs, organizational performance, small business development, social responsibility, law enforcement and capital development teams.

“Kurt has been an outstanding member of our executive team during my tenure here in Seattle,” Yoshitani said in announcing the appointment. “He leads our successful effort to strengthen organizational performance and handles several strategic issues at the port. I’m confident he will continue to bring the same energy and focus in this larger role.”

Yoshitani is expected to continue overseeing the port’s maritime cargo and cruise business and real estate holdings. He will also continue to manage the port’s finances and budget.

“Our greatest asset at the port is our staff,” Beckett said. “We want to empower our employees’ ideas, which will help continue the port’s strong record of performance and exceed customer expectations. We intend to be an even more effective economic development engine for the citizens of King County and Washington State.”

Beckett joined the port in 2007 as director of external affairs, after senior staff roles with Sen. Maria Cantwell and Congressman Norm Dicks.