Friday, December 14, 2012

Logistics Company Opening POLB
Storage Facility

Warehousing and logistics company Lineage Logistics says it plans to open and operate a new 196,000 square foot cold storage facility at the Port of Long Beach by mid-2014.

Baker Cold Storage has acquired the property and will own the new facility and business, while Lineage, which is the third largest temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics company in the U.S., will manage the facility’s operations.

Lineage is based in the inland Southern California city of Colton; Baker Cold Storage is headquartered in the LA-area city of Vernon.

“The on-port facility in Long Beach enables Lineage to gain access to one of the world’s busiest seaports and facilitate temperature-controlled logistics for international trade,” Lineage CEO Bill Hendricksen said in announcing the plan.

The facility, which would be at Pier B, is designed to have multi-temperature and convertible freezer and cooler rooms with 27,000 pallet positions and a 60 foot refrigerated dock, according to Lineage.

“By expanding Lineage’s operations to the port,” Hendricksen said, “we are able to offer our customers strategic, direct access to international markets, while creating 100 additional domestic jobs and contributing to the growth of the port to boost the local economy.”

The facility is also designed to provide various ancillary services, including blast freezing and pre-cooling capabilities, to support a diverse range of food commodities and products. Also included would be an enclosed, refrigerated 50,000 square foot cross-dock facility to enable rapid movement of products for international shipping and distribution to the market.

Lineage says the property will also provide access to transportation with truck, trailer and container parking, featuring plug-in capabilities as well as rail access served by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe.