Friday, December 14, 2012

Crowley, Jensen Maritime Receive Boat Awards

Crowley Maritime Corp. and subsidiary Jensen Maritime, the company’s Seattle-based naval architecture and marine engineering firm, were honored with two of the top 10 boat awards during the seventh annual International Workboat Show, which took place Dec. 5-7 in New Orleans.

The first award was for the design of two Crowley-owned ocean class tugboats, the Ocean Wind and Ocean Wave. The second was for Jensen-designed Murden, a hopper dredge vessel developed for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

“This nomination is especially poignant because it validates the fact that our ocean class vessels are being recognized for the contributions they are making in terms of design and support to the industry,” Crowley Vice President of Solutions John Ara said. “They were developed to be the workhorses of our tugboat fleet.”

The Ocean Wave and Ocean Wind are Dynamic Positioning 1 (DP1) tugboats and are twin-screw vessels equipped with controllable pitch propellers (CPP) in nozzles, high lift rudders and more than 149 MT bollard pull. They have an overall length of 146 feet, beam of 46 feet, hull depth of 25 feet and design draft of 21 feet.

The ocean class tugs were designed by Jensen and are the first of four to be constructed by Bollinger Shipyards, in Amelia, Louisiana. The second two tugs of the class, the Ocean Sky and Ocean Sun, will be classed as DP2 and are designed to be 10 feet longer.