Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coos Bay Could Receive Offshore Wind Project

An offshore wind energy developer has entered into negotiations with the International Port of Coos Bay regarding bringing a staging area for an offshore wind pilot project to the port.

Port chief communications officer Martin Callery has confirmed that negotiations are ongoing regarding bringing in a launch site and staging area for an offshore wind energy developer, according to the Portland Business Journal and Coos Bay World newspapers.

The negotiating period is believed to be for up to six months; if contract terms can be reached, the unnamed ocean wind energy company could be the first on the West Coast to test offshore wind energy.

Callery told the Business Journal he couldn’t name the company due to confidentiality agreements.

During a March 26 business meeting, port officials said the wind energy company is competing for a contract with the Department of Energy to test offshore wind turbines and if it wins the contract, it could launch demonstration turbines and platforms from the west berth of the port’s Oregon Gateway Terminal as early as 2014.

This initial demonstration would test ocean wind technology and the turbines would not be connected to the local power grid Callery told the Coos Bay World.

If the technology proves successful, the company could eventually install more turbines and eventually deliver energy into the Bay Area, according to port officials.