Friday, April 6, 2012

Amway Buys Port of Quincy Acreage

Direct selling company Amway has bought 12 acres of a newly-developed industrial park at the Port of Quincy, Washington on which the company says it plans to build a 48,000-square-foot nutritional products extraction and concentration facility.

Amway also has an option with the port to buy another 15 acres of property at the same industrial park. Amway says it plans to begin development of a $31.8 million facility at the port later this year, which would create about 30 permanent jobs and about 100 temporary construction jobs.

Operations are expected to begin in 2014, according to Michigan-based Amway.

Amway’s locating a processing facility at the port is the culmination of several months of efforts by a coalition of partners, according to Port of Quincy chair and president Curt Morris, including the Washington State Department of Commerce, Grant County Public Utility District, Grant County Economic Development Council, the City of Quincy and other local entities.

The Amway deal follows several other major additions the Port of Quincy has made in the past few years, the largest of which came in early 2010, when the port upgraded its freight transportation connections and began a partnership with Cold Train, via BNSF Railway, to provide door-to-door refrigerated intermodal service between the Pacific Northwest and Chicago/Indianapolis/Ohio Valley area markets.

The Cold Train intermodal container rail and distribution service has turned the Quincy Intermodal Terminal into a key distribution hub for central and eastern Washington.