Thursday, August 11, 2011

Log Exporter Set to Move 100-Millionth Board-Foot of Timber Through Tacoma Port

The United States subsidiary of New Zealand-based log exporter TPT predicts it will ship its 100-millionth board-foot of timber through the Port of Tacoma sometime this week.

The TPC Longview, carrying more than 35,000 Washington-state logs, is scheduled to depart for China Friday from the port’s West Hylebos Log Facility with the milestone 100-millionth board-foot log on board.

According to TPT US Limited, 100 million board-feet (one board foot equals one foot wide by one foot long by one inch thick) would stretch about three-quarters of the way around the globe.

TPT US Limited began shipping logs through Tacoma's West Hylebos facility in June 2010. Washington-harvested logs are sorted and debarked at the facility, before being loaded aboard ships for transport to Pacific Rim countries.

Despite many predictions in past years of the demise of the Washington-state log export business, a 2010 tariff imposed by Russia on wood exports saw major log importers like China look again at US West Coast suppliers. Additional demand for wood is being generated by rebuilding efforts in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year.

Log exports through Tacoma are up 195 percent in the first seven months of this year, compared to the same period last year.

TPT represents Boston-based Hancock Timber Resource Group, which develops and manages globally diversified timberland portfolios for public and corporate pension plans, high net-worth individuals, and foundations and endowments.